Wudi solid progress in the first quarter of 2017 fishery safety work

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    Wudi County Oceanic and Fishery Bureau in strict accordance with the "full coverage, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement, and effective results," the overall requirements, from six aspects, pay close attention to fishing port supervision, fishing vessel inspection and control, fisheries safety responsibility and safety inspection Work, strengthen the organization and leadership, reinforce the management measures, focus on publicity and guidance, and comprehensively improve the fishermen and fishing units in accordance with the law according to the production of awareness and awareness of law-abiding to ensure that the county fishery safety situation is stable.


    First, strengthen the organization and leadership, pay close attention to the implementation of responsibility


    Set up by the Wudi County Marine and Fishery Bureau of the main leaders of the head, personally grasp, in charge of the leadership of the deputy head, on the grasp, the relevant departments responsible for the members of the fishery safety production management leading group to strengthen the safety of fishery production The leadership of the arrangements for the strong sense of responsibility comrades specifically responsible for the daily work of fishery production safety, to ensure that the release of information flow, reduce the risk factor, enhance safety and security.


    Second, strict fishing outside the seizure, the source control fishing boat production safety clearance


     Set up by the fishery station head of the head of the fishery station ship inspection station as deputy head of the other crew members for the members of the fishing vessel external inspection working group, and the use of digital ship inspection system on the county belongs to 249 Fishing boats to check, a comprehensive grasp of fishing boat information. In accordance with the requirements of a boat file, archiving management, the implementation of dynamic supervision, from the source to ensure that fishing boats offshore production safety clearance. As of yesterday, has been outside the inspection of 213 fishing boats, at present, the external inspection work is still in an orderly manner, for the next step on the fishing boats to lay a solid foundation for the annual review.


    Third, scientific planning, advance prediction, to ensure the smooth development of the work


    To organize the safety production meeting on time, to carefully analyze and summarize the problems and weaknesses in the work of safety production management, to find out the importance, complexity and arduous nature of the current fishery safety work, and to draw lessons from the three accidents in our province, Conscientiously implement the spirit of the National Conference on January 11 and actively promote the "Hundred Days Battle" and other key work safety inspection. Adhere to the monthly leadership cadres at the grassroots level, deep into the fishing boats and fishing boats centralized parking point, check the safety measures of each fishing vessel is implemented in place, whether the development of contingency plans, not in place to check the fishing vessels, And arrange a special supervision and implementation, to ensure that no dead ends.


    Fourth, multi-sectoral linkage, the formation of a strong work together and social deterrent force In the county under the unified leadership of the county government, led by the County Ocean and Fishery Bureau, the joint public security border, market supervision, involving the town and other units to carry out clean-up to crack down on illegal fishing gear special action to clean up the fishing "three five" Fishing vessels control, fishing boat anti-collision special rectification, "fight non-governance violation", safety production risks investigation and rectification strict law enforcement and other law enforcement activities. On the seizure of illegal fishing vessels and units, in strict accordance with the law according to the law, not palliative, and resolutely do "check and rectification of hidden dangers, inspection and accountability, inspection and the establishment of long-term mechanism," the combination of three Every one of the grassroots safety management and production and management units, do not miss every fishing boat, do not miss every fishing boat berthing point "three let off, and according to the provisions of the required fishing vessels with officers and crew and Various types of fire rescue communication equipment. Activities in the unit responsible person personally led to the first line of law enforcement, and to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, to achieve a shared resource information, formed a strong work together, and achieved good social and economic results. According to statistics, during the operation to check a total of 186 fishing boats, fishing boats berthing point 20, confiscated 200 illegal fishing gear, really done to the side, vertical in the end, zero dead.


     Fifth, pay close attention to education and training, and effectively enhance the fisherman's cultural quality and law-abiding awareness


    In view of the actual situation of the fisherman's fishing boats in the whole county, the joint training of the Wudi County Marine and Fishery Bureau has been carried out in a timely manner. Two times the crew, the general crew training course and the fishery production safety knowledge lecture are held in time. , A total of 400 fishermen training, greatly improving the county fishermen's rate and conscious awareness of law-abiding.


    Sixth, strengthen the security emergency attendance, timely transmission of various types of early warning information


             In the first quarter, the sea wind, big waves, fog, haze and other extreme weather, Wudi County Oceanic and Fishery Bureau pay close attention to weather changes, strict implementation of 24 hours on duty and leadership with classes system to strengthen the information transmission, wind warning Safety information through the fishing vessel security SMS platform, government information platform, fax and other means to promptly notify the fishing town, fishing port fishing village, fishing boat people, to remind early to prevent, to protect the safety of personnel and property.


    According to statistics, the first quarter sent a total of more than 2,000 kinds of information.



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