Tips for hatching Artemia

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          Artemia, also known as the abundance of shrimp, Artemia, salt water shrimp and other names. Belonging to the arthropod door, sub-shell sub-door, crustacean, gill foot subclass, no a head, salt water harvest insects.


          Artemia,is rich in protein, amino acids and fats, but also the best bait of shrimp, containing 60% of protein, 20% fat and polyunsaturated fatty acids, used in fish and shrimp nursery, shrimp and fry have enhanced resistance, Increase the vitality and improve the survival rate of seedling survival rate, but also the seedling cultivation stage of the main nutrient source, so in the aquatic animal breeding process has been widely used.


          Artemia, in the market are generally dormant eggs, abundance of eggs can be stored at low temperature long-term preservation, when necessary, can be hatch at any time, the diameter of the eggs in the 0.2-0.5 mm, the most suitable incubation temperature at zero On the 20 ~ 30 degrees or so, the most suitable water salinity in the 10-15. At present, the annual breeding of the annual breeding of eggs mainly from the Bohai Sea, the mainland's saline-alkali pool and the United States of large salt lake. Incubation process is the most important process in the process, it has to go through a certain period of diapause, frozen, back to the water to hatch.



          The following are the same as the "If the salinity can not hit 10% -15%, hatching rate will be reduced, the incubator can not often open, if often open, the temperature is reduced, hit less than 20-30 degrees, its hatching rate will be reduced. From the frozen cold storage of eggs at room temperature when the buffer, the maximum temperature can not exceed 7 degrees. Hatching rate to achieve a certain effect, you can enter the halogen pool, the salty tank salinity up to 24 degrees or more, to impurities in the brine soak for 24 hours or more, you can out of the pool. And then filled with fresh water, dry 24 hours, you can process, and put into the drying box requires 30 degrees of temperature heating drying. Drying tank level contains more water, so you can maintain a stable hatching rate, and then into the processing of two. Or with halogen sterilization, which is what we usually processing eggs.






           Drying process, the first level oven can reach more than 5 hours, direct access to the technician saw a good worm, you can measure the moisture when the 30 grid, you can out of the box, and then into the two boxes. The second box is to reduce the contained water, and then filter, you can see our finished. In the static hatchery cup, good insects are highly active. After the egg processing, in accordance with the needs of users, will be finished bagging, packaging. When the farmers need to use the worm, you can directly hatch the finished product. Bohai Bay Elderly eggs, a pound of dry goods, you can hatch more than 3.2 pounds of abundance of insects, directly in the seed cultivation stage.


           Incubation process attention to the details of the incubator box This section: magnifying the number of eggs when the need to remove impurities; into the incubator back door can not often open; incubation temperature and salinity should pay attention to control. Freezer inside that out when the buffer, you need to pay attention to the temperature can not be too high.


           The above is Fengtai aquatic products for everyone to introduce the eggs of the hatching common sense, we hope to help everyone, more popular eggs content welcome point



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