The best bait for ornamental fish-Artemia

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    Wudi Fengtai Aquaculture Co.,Ltd .was established in 2006, is located in China's Bohai Bay. We are a company that integrates aquaculture, processing and marketing of adult Artemia. Company employees 56 existing, seven technical staff. We have our own large aquaculture waters. Each year we receive about 150 tons of high-quality harvest Artemia. We are committed to providing high quality aquatic feed to the world. Our "FENGTAI" brand Artemia hatching rate can reach 90%, nutrition and indicators than similar imports of similar products to be higher. This product is not only a good domestic sales, but also exported to Southeast Asia and Europe. The brand at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation, has gradually become an internationally renowned brand. In addition, we also provide the feed industry to hook shrimp, shrimp, shelling Artemia, spirulina powder, chlorella powder, fish meal, Credibility is the pursuit of quality is life!



    Wudi Fengtai Aquaculture Co.,Ltd . said that the abundance of shrimp adult has a very high nutritional value, containing 60% of protein, ash 10%, in addition to a variety of essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, but also contains more vitamins. Can be fed directly for larvae or adults (ornamental fish) for a variety of aquatic animals. Harvested shrimp contains more peeling hormone, can promote broodstock mature. From 1980 onwards, the development of China's shrimp aquaculture industry so that the amount of abundance of shrimp increased significantly. Brazil and Thailand, respectively, with fresh shrimp shrimp feeding shrimp larvae and juvenile larvae, have a good feeding effect. Brazil's Yantian and California have a large number of fresh and fresh shrimp sold in Thailand, the Philippines and Australia are artificially farmed. There are about 20 companies in the world specializing in the production of adult shrimp adult frozen products and canned. To 15g per ton of water to fill the quality of high-quality shrimp Artemia, a week can produce 20kg into shrimp (wet weight) or 2kg shrimp dry goods.


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