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    The Artemia are rich in nutrients (about 65% protein and about 24% fat), and their Artemia are also rich in nutrients. Therefore, the Artemia are a very important active feed, has been the concern of the people. Today, more than 85% of all kinds of aquatic animals are Artemia with active feed. Today Fengtai aquatic products for everyone to introduce some of the abundance of eggs to shell method.


    With the sodium hypochlorite solution to deal with dormant eggs can remove the eggshell, leaving a layer of transparent endometrium (ie hatchery), treated egg size of 200 ~ 300μm, rich in yolk, can be directly fed breeding objects, but also hatched into Naive larvae. The shelling eggs can be given higher hatchability than eggs that are not shelled. Shell eggs can be frozen for several days with saturated saline (NaCl) or saturated MgCl2 solution for a few days. The hatchability is not reduced. Frozen eggs can also be preserved by liquid nitrogen.


    Incubation method:


    1, the harvest Artemia in dry conditions can be more long-term preservation, when the salinity of 20 to 30, the temperature of 25 to 27  water, and meet the amount of dissolved oxygen required for hatching, after 24 to 48 hours after the incubation Out of larvae.


    2, hatching the annual Artemia, can be washed with glycerol salt to stain the eggs on the impurities and sediment, made floating egg; can also be the first frozen eggs, from -3  to -15  cold 1 ~ 3 Months after hatching, you can get 60% to 90% hatching rate.


    3, directly to the abundance of shrimp winter Artemia (or after disinfection, shelling) into the sea, the water temperature maintained at 28-30 , after 24-30 hours of direct eggification can be developed into naive larvae.



    The same time as the above- Artemia have a very high nutritional value, in addition to a variety of essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, but also contains more vitamins. Can be fed directly for larvae or adults (ornamental fish) for a variety of aquatic animals. Harvested shrimp contains more peeling hormone, can promote broodstock mature. From 1980 onwards, the development of China's shrimp aquaculture industry so that the amount of abundance of shrimp increased significantly. Brazil and Thailand, respectively, with fresh shrimp shrimp feeding shrimp larvae and juvenile larvae, have a good feeding effect. The following are the same as the "


    "FENGTAI" Artemia mainly in China's Bohai Sea. We use the world's most advanced technology to process, and hatching rate of up to 90%. Before the factory, our products are through the internal laboratory and commodity inspection bureau to ensure that customers satisfied with each batch of goods.


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