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    In recent years, the concept of abundance of eggs is slowly being popular, whether there are many of them talking about the eggs? Whether you are the same, the heart filled with doubts, after a few days of Xiaobian painstaking research, and finally found a reliable quality, affordable farmer eggs, they explain to the small series of detailed eggs. Here we follow Fengtai aquatic products together to understand the  Artemia it!

    The  Artemia are also known as brine shrimp and are widely regarded as an important biological bait. It holds a strong adaptability to bad environments, and has good reproductive capacity. The larvae of the larvae have high nutritional supplements, so the  Artemia are excellent creatures for fish, shrimp and crabs.

    Fengtai Fisheries explained that the main role of the abundance of eggs in the process of shrimp breeding, the birds play a very important role. It is the main food of shrimp larvae, it can be said that high-quality shrimp must be cultivated by the quality of the new worms. The Miao field in order to be able to effectively control the quality of abundance of insects, the general will buy the  Artemia, hired workers according to the needs of nursery hatch production.

    Then we buy the eggs when the eggs how to identify, how to choose it? Fengtai aquatic products give a super bar identification method:

    (1) Hatching rate: Generally speaking, the larvae (Artemia) (Artemia) eggs hatching rate of 90% or more for the A-level, more than 85% for the B-class, more than 80% for the C-class.

    (2) the number of eggs per gram of eggs: abundance of insects (Artemia) (Artemia) eggs, a gram of the weight of A-level is generally 22-26 million, C-level non-evil 8-22 million or so. Such as moisture content and high impurity content, the corresponding decline in the number of particles per gram.

    (3) Moisture content: Imported abundance insects (Artemia) (Artemia) egg moisture content of the general A-6-7%, C-level of about 7.3%. While the domestic fecundity (Artemia) (Artemia) eggs, the water content of a larger range.

    (4) impurity content: the import of new worms (Artemia) (Artemia) eggs, the impurity content is generally about 0.3 ‰, while the domestic harvest (Artemia) (Artemia) (Artemia) egg mass up and down the larger.

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