The Misunderstanding of Disease Prevention and Control during the Breeding of artemia cysts:

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    With the gradual increase in the degree of intensive aquaculture, harvest artemia cysts in aquaculture disease often occur. Not only affects the quality of breeding species, but also restricts the production and efficiency of farming. The author in recent years, the existence of fish disease prevention and error in the existence of a careful summary, hoping to help the broad masses of farmers to prevent and control measures to reduce economic losses.

    New Year artemia cysts Disease Consciousness Thin

    In practice, many farmers do not have the awareness of preventing fish disease, light defense and re-treatment. Farmers often think that fish do not get sick in the water, with this no need to prevent, but the occurrence of fish disease and then medication, this time has long been ill. Aquatic animals are not as easy as terrestrial biological administration, measurement is difficult to grasp, medication can only save a small amount of sick fish, the majority of sick fish or not play a role, the result is often caused by economic losses to aquaculture production.

    Misunderstanding of administration methods

    Do not see symptoms medication: do not diagnose the condition on the blind medication, the results may also lead to other diseases. Not only failed to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of disease also caused economic waste.

    Urgent medical advice: the problem does not follow the objective law, four chaos seeking medical treatment caused by not only did not solve the problem, but added weight death.

    Blind with drugs: some farmers free drugs do not pay attention to drug contraindications, the results appear to reduce or enhance the efficacy, may also have side effects.

    Sprinkle drug uneven: some farmers free to spill the results in the pond so that the whole water drug is not uniform, resulting in part of the water dose beyond the degree of fish poisoning phenomenon, and some fish can not get timely treatment of drugs, delay the timing of treatment.

    The use of expired drugs: some harvest artemia cysts do not see the shelf life of expired or expired drugs out of use, can not play the role of prevention and treatment of fish disease will produce some side effects.

    Regardless of drug resistance: in the treatment of fish disease in the long-term use of the same drug, resulting in fish on the drug resistance, and the use of this drug will reduce the efficacy of drugs or does not work.

    Fear of psychological: excessive disinfection, insecticide, free to increase the amount of drugs, the subsequent healthy growth adversely affected.

    Blindly reduce costs: to save costs, resulting in slower growth of cultured animals. Not only did not play a lower cost but increased costs and reduce economic efficiency.

    Control the water with a fixed pattern: the entire aquaculture process to a single program to regulate water quality. Ruitai harvest artemia cysts not only did not adjust the water quality also increased the cost of farming.

    The pursuit of individual indicators: the physical and chemical indicators of the superficial understanding, ignoring the importance of water balance.

    Ignore the water quality analysis: some harvest artemia cysts farmers do not consider the impact of water environment deterioration of the fish, a disease on the blind use of fishing drugs, often overlooked the water quality of this link, the results of the drug can not reach the control of fish disease Effect, but harmful useless


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