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               Fishmeal is made of whole fish or fish waste (fish head, fish tail, fins, viscera, etc.) as raw material, by cooking, pressing, drying, crushed after the high protein feed. In the case of

    (1) According to the source of fishmeal is divided into two kinds: the general domestic production of fish meal called domestic fishmeal, imported fishmeal collectively referred to as imported fish meal. Obviously, this kind of square method is relatively rough, reflecting the quality of fish meal.

    (Orange or brown); white fishmeal (gray or yellowish white to cod-based); brown fish meal (orange or brown); mixed

    (2) according to the nature of raw materials, color classification, the fishmeal is divided into six kinds: Fishmeal (light brown or dark black); whale powder (light black) and fish meal (fish processing residue) and so on.

    (3) According to the raw material parts and composition of the fishmeal is divided into six kinds, namely: whole fish meal (fish made of whole fish as raw material); enhanced fishmeal (whole fish meal + fish slurry); coarse fish meal (fish meal, (Fish meal + adsorbent); fish meal (fish meal + adsorbent); fish meal (fish meal + adsorbent); fish meal (fish meal + adsorbent).

    The above classification method varies from country to country, China's feed industry is currently no standard, three methods are used.

    China's fishmeal production with the development of the feed industry and the rise, from scratch, from dry production to wet degreasing production, from low to high quality, and gradually embarked on a mature development path. China has a lot of manufacturers to produce fishmeal quality has reached or exceeded the quality of imported fishmeal indicators. High-quality domestic fish meal in addition to fat slightly higher, all indicators have reached the standard of Peruvian fishmeal, fishmeal freshness and quality are better, and the transport cycle is short. Choose fishmeal, evaluation of fish meal, should be fresh and the detection indicators as the basis, and taking into account the price, transportation, storage and other factors, as a scientific attitude.

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