Nutritional ingredients of the eggs

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              Harvested eggs, also known as saltwater shrimps, are widely regarded as an important biological bait. It has strong adaptability to the bad environment and has good reproductive capacity. The larvae of the larvae have high nutrients, so the eggs are good biological bait for fish, shrimp and crabs.

    Chinese name Fengnian eggs Foreign name No is known as saltwater shrimp. Nature is an excellent biological bait for fish, shrimp and crab.
    nutrient content
    The egg is rich in protein, the amino acid composition is complete, and the crude fat content is relatively high. The unsaturated fatty acid is higher than the saturated fatty acid, the unsaturated fatty acid of the shell egg is 48.15%, and the unshelled egg is 54.82%. The saturated fatty acids of the shell eggs are 1.5 times that of the shelled eggs. The shell of the egg is a ferritin-containing protein, and the larvae of fish and shrimp cannot digest it. However, animal experiments have shown that mice can digest the eggshells of Artemia, so it is not necessary to consider the shell problem when processing foods with the eggs, and some unsaturated fatty acids and inorganic elements are relatively high in the shell, such as DHA (22%). Acetate), Se, Zn, Fe, etc.; Edible mashed and shelled eggs can increase γ-linolenic acid (essential fatty acids) in animal liver, while DHA and EPA are significantly higher than the control group. Another feature is that it can significantly increase the content of Fe2+ in the liver. Fe2+ is the main component of heme. Therefore, the egg can be used as a blood-supplying agent, and the egg-protein content can be increased by eating eggs. From the nutritional analysis, it can be determined that the eggs are rich in protein, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and inorganic elements. Animal experiments have shown that the consumption of eggs in the harvest has no effect on blood lipids, and can increase the content of DHA, EPA and heme and brain protein in the liver.

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