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    Hatching Instructions

    1.Hatching tank: A cone-shaped tank works best for hatching, clean tank after hatching.
    2.Solution:25-30ppt salinity sea water or artifical solution with same components.
    3.PH: optimal medium 8-8.5 PH.
    4.Density: Allow 1-1.5 grams of cysts per litre of solution.
    5.Temperature: optimal temperature is 28 (for 24 hours)
    6.Illumination: The recommended illumination is 2000 lux(no less than 1500 lux for 24 hours)
    7.Aeration: Maintain aeration to keep all cysts in suspension throughout hatching period,oxyger saturation 2-3 milligrams per litre of solution.
    8.Hatching time: Allow 25 hours for hatching.

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