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    Artemia Process

    Put the wet artemia cysts catched from sea beach in saturated salt solution of 25ppt saltness, stir salt solution fully and evenly every 5 hours. After 24 hours, most of impurity become sediment. Take out clean artemia cysts washed initially and again put them in clean saturated salt solution of 25ppt saltness. After 24 hours' stiring and precipitation, take out artemia cysts. The fresh artemia cysts are just purified OK by above twice washing.

    Put the purified artemia cysts in storage pond with saturated salt solution of 25ppt saltness for temporary pickling and stir the solution frequently. Through this process most protective membrance of artemia cysts is removed, meantime some water in artemia body can be dehydrated. It can improve the artemia’s sensitivity to outside physical reaction. When artemia cysts store up to a certain amount, it can be transported to plant for further processing.

    Quick-freeze and refrigerate temporarily stored and pickled artemia cysts below 15 degree. According to water temperatures use different ways to handle. If water is above 15 degree, firstly put the mentioned artemia cysts in salt solution of 12ppt saltness and keep stiring. Make artemia cysts absorb some water. 1-2 hours later, take out artemia cysts and re-put them in salt solution of 7ppt saltness & ph 8. Keep stiring and observing by magnifier till the plumpness of body reach 70%-80%, immediately freeze and refrigerate. 30 days later, artemia’s hatching rate can be improved and reach 85%.

    The artemia cysts which is frozen and stored in refrigeration 30 days need to test hatching rate. If HR is over 85%, it matches commercial artemia requirements and can be dried and packed. If HR is below 85%, take artemia out of refrigeration and relieve them. Again purify, quick-freeze, refrigerate and test HR, till HR reach 85%. Then dry and pack them.

    Take out artemia tested HR reaching commercial item from refrigeration and relieve them. In process relief should be slow and keep small temperature difference. If outside temperature is high, use cotton quilt to keep warm.Steep and dehydrate,Steep 24hours the relieved artemia cysts in water solution of 18ppt saltness. Dehydrate some water of artemia body and beneficial for drying.

    6. DRY AND PACK:
    Use centrifugal machine to dehydrate external moisture of steeped and dehydrated artemia cysts. Next dry it under 30 to 34 degree. In drying, need to inspect frequently moisture of artemia. When moisture is below 20%, it could be taken out of oven. After 24 hours, it can be put in dry oven for drying again. When moisture is below 10%, it meet requirements of commercial artemia.

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