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    The Artemia cysts are also known as brine shrimp and are widely regarded as an important biological bait. It holds a strong adaptability to bad environments, and has good reproductive capacity. The larvae of the larvae have high nutritional supplements, so the Artemia cysts are excellent creatures for fish, shrimp and crabs. So choose a good Artemia cysts for the egg hatching rate is essential. The following Wudi Fengtai aquatic products for everyone to tell us in detail. Identification of the quality of eggs in China


    1. Hatching rate In general, the larvae eggs hatching rate of 90% or more for the A-level. More than 70% for the C level.

    2. The number of eggs per gram of the number of imported eggs per gram of the number of grams, A-level is generally 271,000 to 29,000, C-level of about 230,000. Such as high moisture content and impurities, the corresponding reduction in the number of grams per gram.

    3. Moisture content

    The water content of imported eggs is 6% 7% and C is 7.3%. The annual moisture content of domestic fry eggs is large.

    5 impurity content

    Imports of fecundity eggs in the impurity content is generally about 0.3% o, while the domestic Artemia cysts, the amount of impurities in the upper and lower range is also larger.

    6 incubation time

    In the incubation process of the larvae eggs, the hatching time of the larvae was observed. The incubation time of the eggs was l8-20 hours. The shorter the incubation time, the better the eggs were. Such as hatching time more than 24 hours. Generally for the next year Chen eggs, the longer the hatchery, the worse the quality of the eggs.

    7, bacterial testing

    After the hatchlings were incubated, they were placed on a frontal tablet and dropped with a drop of water. The coverslips were covered and the insects were cut (640 x). The amount of bacteria in the larvae was examined. If a small amount of bacteria is normal, such as the body has a large number of bacteria, it should not be used.


               Abundance of insects as an important biological bait, the hatching rate should cause everyone to pay attention to select the Artemia cysts on the selection of Fengtai aquatic products.

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