Performance advantages of fishmeal

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            China's annual consumption of fish meal nearly a few million tons, is the world's largest fishmeal consumer and importing countries. The market is common fish meal in Shandong, Zhejiang production of domestic fish meal and Peru, Chilean production of red fish meal, in addition to a very small number of Poland, New Zealand, Russia production of white fish meal, etc., now with the quality of domestic fish meal, domestic fish meal In the market has made great progress. Fish meal compared to other protein raw materials have obvious nutritional value:

            1. Fish meal palatability is good, digestion and absorption rate is very high: the test proved that the appropriate feed in the fish to add a small amount of fish meal, can greatly improve the feed intake of livestock and poultry, improve production performance. Fish meal digestion and utilization is very high, up to 95% or more, the growth of young animals to help very large, the same layer of fish meal digestion and absorption is very high, so many farmers in the feed to add 1-2% of imported fish meal, Used to improve egg production and extend the egg production cycle, practice has proved that the effect is very obvious.

            2. Fish meal amino acid balance, is the ideal protein raw materials: high-quality imported fish meal protein content of 65% or more, some as high as 70% to 80%; imported fish meal protein from about 20 kinds of amino acids, a variety of amino acid content is high and balanced , Is the balance of poultry diets of high quality animal feed, corn - soybean meal formula feed, there is a very strong amino acid balance and complementary effect, can greatly improve the survival rate of chickens, greatly improve the egg laying rate, Laying the peak time to extend the laying life.

           3. Fish meal energy content is high: fishmeal contains higher fat, fish meal contains about 10% fat, and some up to 15%. Because fishmeal digestion and absorption rate is high, fishmeal can provide a lot of energy to laying hens, especially when the amount of fish meal is added at the peak of laying hens or when stress is reduced, it can be very obvious The improvement effect.

           4. The content of calcium and phosphorus in fish meal is high: 3.8% ~ 7% of fish meal, 2.76% ~ 3.5% of phosphorus, 1.4 ~ 2: 1 of calcium and phosphorus, the better the quality of fish meal, the higher the phosphorus content, Source for all animal-derived phosphorus source, so the utilization rate is very high, can reach 100% absorption rate, for the effect of laying hens is self-evident.

           In addition, fishmeal contains very high trace elements and rich B vitamins, so many farmers and large farms, no matter how high the price of fishmeal, has been in their young livestock and poultry, breeding pigs to add imported fishmeal to To ensure good production performance.


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